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It’s being five years that I’ve been living in Ireland. I remember the feeling of moving to a new continent without knowing much about it and trying to find a house to rent. The first house I went to see was 600 EUR/month. I was looking for something on that range. Or I thought so. The “house” was a very very small studio with a single’s bed in front of the oven. It was almost not possible for two people to stay inside. The bathroom was outside bellow the stairs. Although you had to go to the building hall, that bathroom was only yours.

I freaked. Was like that most people lived in Ireland? I didn’t know about the students at that time that were sharing single bed-apartments with a lot of people. Anyway, I booked a view for another house, this one was much better, although I wouldn’t call it a lovely place, it was bigger. I made an offer since I was almost without money (and hostels are expensive here), so I needed to rent a place or risk not having the money to pay rent or hostel. Since the place was a thousand times better than the previous one, I thought I was fortunate.

The place was pretty much ok; it was a house’s basement. It was not meant to have someone living there though, I could hear everything from upstairs, and when the folks there were washing their clothes, my roof would LITERALLY SHAKE. Also, the water from their house was piped in my garden. All type of disgusting things came out of that…

If housing was an issue, at least people were not. I made terrific friends. Most of my team at work were new and immigrants as well, so we bound. We were the only people we knew in this new country, so we shared our experiences and cultural differences. It was amazing to learn more about Russia and Italy. I end up even learning a bit of Italian!

It’s with this nostalgia feeling that I write this newsletter. I tried to collect the best articles I read this month and also to give you an update on my projects.


Personal Updates


We should talk about tempeh. It’s so damn good! There’s an asian market here in Dublin that sells a big package for ~3 euros. The most basic way to use it is to cut skinny slices, put some salt and stir-fry it. If you feel an urge to try something fancier, you can marinate it with your favourite spices (I recommend smoked paprika or liquid smoke) before frying it. Or check this for something else.


Movies and TV shows


(not-so) Fun fact: This is the third time I write in this blog (YAY). I’m at the same time trying to improve my writing in this weird foreign language and the post format. I believe having a clear separation of themes helps people to process/ignore the information. So this post has much more headings than the previous one.

(not-so) Fun fact 2: My original idea was to publish a text every month, seems like I’m doing this twice a month instead.

Personal Projects




Your computer isn’t yours

The day that Stallman and Doctorow have been warning us about has arrived this week. It’s been a slow and gradual process, but we are finally here. You will receive no further alerts.

Platforming Equality: policy challenges for the digital economy

This is not really an article but a magazine. I do suggest reading “Against Digital Colonialism” article by Renata Avila.

Computing in/from the South - Catalyst

Again another Magazine, worth to read the introduction and see if it inspires you to read the other articles :)

Brazil / South American Tech

Taking Back the Future: A Short History of Singular Technologies in Brazil

I know I promised to link Brazilian tech here, but I believe the article goes beyond any link here to projects would go :)