A dev newsletter

Omg, now I like golang

I’m using Go for around two months as my main language at work. At the beginning I was mad at it. Go lacks a lot of features modern languages have (mainly borred from old functional programming languages). After a couple of weeks working with it I see its value. It’s easy to write bad code with it, so you need a more experienced gopher (golang programmer) or a very good lint running all the time, but the language is very easy to write and allow you to focus on important details of your algorithm/logic and still get a good performance.

I would probably use Go where Java would fit perfectly. I’m not sure if I would use Go where Rust seems a better option like I heard some people saying. I wouldn’t use Go for building a database, but I’m aware that several people disagree with me (Influx, Grafana’s Mimir, …).

Either way, language is an implementation detail and the most important thing is the foundations of software engineering. In my case, how you design your system.

Personal Updates

Although the drop in temperatures (days with -3 celsius), spring is here. I spend last month preparing for it and now I’m trying to finish up my garden. As an Anarchist, I see the beauty in the natural things and not in the artificial made especially for you type of things. So in my garden I throwed a couple of wildflower seeds and I’m waiting it to grow, I also planted some tea and food last year and those plants are growing again. I’m also not killing any weed, at least not if I can avoid it. There are some so beautiful that seems like we only kill because we can’t buy it.

I also hanged some ferns outside, bought a sofa and some lights for the garden. The perfect place for hanging out with friends.

Projects update