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Collectivise or die, protect your mind or suffer

In Ireland, we are facing the worst covid19 wave yet. Thousands of new cases every day and the hospitals are almost operating with their full capacity. Still, we see people concerned with the economy, trying to keep open pubs or even just randomly lying about the whole situation to gain some new members to their racist club (yeah far-right, I’m talking about you). It feels to me that we keep spending human resources in the worst type of things. Instead of cooperating, we keep competing. The vaccine is an excellent example of that, where Pzfier called WHO’s effort towards cooperation a “nonsense” effort [1]. Why are so many promising researchers duplicating effort? For what? Improving the profit of a few instead of saving lives? Pascal Soriot says “I think IP is a fundamental part of our industry and if you don’t protect IP, then essentially there is no incentive for anybody to innovate.” Maybe it is like Lowkey sings “CEOs loving profit more than they love their grandchildren”.

Do we really need an economic system based on competition and infinity growth? Can’t we cooperate and focus on quality of life?

Thinking on software, the proprietary software is basically another instance of the same issue. Duplicated efforts everywhere, instead of cooperation to help humanity. Of course, Libre Software isn’t guilt-free, but the duplicated effort is not waste in the pocket of a few fighting for bigger market percentages, and the engineers duplicating it can still learn from each other.

I keep thinking the ideal situation at the moment for me would be to write Libre Software to cooperatives, so they can enrich their communities…

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[1] - https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2020/11/09/suspend-patents-pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-say-campaigners