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Shadows of the past

I have been thinking a lot about everything that happened in the last few years and all the amazing people I got the chance to call a friend. At UNIP, the “gang” I used to hang were incredible in different ways, Knight is very intelligent and talented (the only musician), Douglas was the person to go when you had a personal problem, Karreiro is probably the best software engineer I know, Mateus was the “let me help you find the answers you need”. I really miss our conversation fulled by Fanta.

Also, there are the “internet friends”, like mushi-chan. Her blog is probably one of the oldest of the Brazilian internet, if it was not for her, I probably wouldn’t have follow up this life path. She always helped me increasing my curiosity about the world.

Later on, there were all the folks I worked with, shout out to the Brazilians Alberto Leal and Handrus. Also, although we never worked together, Marcelo is also a person who gives me energy, his hacker spirit inspires me. Speaking in hackers, cheers Vlad for all the discussions and inspiration as well.

To all my friends, those with online presence mentioned here and those not, thank you for everything!





Win back the internet

In short order, Internet access itself was commercialized and the telecom industry waged legislative war against community groups and municipal governments that prevented them from erecting their own networking infrastructures. The logic of the telecom monopolies was simple and devastatingly effective: to share, you must first connect, so instead of losing the battle to share, they would win the war of connectivity. In other words, they recognized that they could not win against a rapidly rising number of increasingly sophisticated people using ever-improving encryption and privacy tools, but they could install themselves as toll collectors for Internet access itself.

Why FSF Endorsing PureOS Matters

So why is it so important that the Free Software Foundation endorsed PureOS? In addition to the fact that we firmly believe in free software, we also believe that having an operating system that runs on 100% free software directly benefits you and the rest of society. We often say that we sit on a three-legged stool of Freedom, Privacy and Security. Let’s talk about how an OS that runs 100% free software directly benefits you in each of those categories.

homebrewserver.club manifesto

Promote approaches, not apps.

A Feminist Server Manifesto 0.01

How can we develop transformative tools for thought?

Final note

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