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What a year!

This was a crazy year, it seemed like a movie. If I tell you folks half of it, you wouldn’t believe. Although, in the end everything went well. After getting the keys to my house, I was able to quit the worst job I ever had. And at same time, joinning a great company with a lot of chances to build meaningful software. I’m working again building infrastructure for a Cloud company, which I have to confess is much more fun than building a financial system. Also, the focus for excelency instead of deliviery allows me to spend time researching the best approach for each problem.

I also start a bunch of pet projects after switching jobs:

Besides work, I’m also decorating my house, I’m mainly doing my office, after spending the fall taking care of my garden (no point in doing it now during winter). Setting up the lights, the plants and so on. I’m trying to make this both a comfy place, but also a fun room of the house.

Anyway, this year was a transition year, from terrible job to a good job, from no side projects at all to several projects. For the next year I hope to keep the same rate of coding on side projects. I’m enjoying building tools for my own-usage. My plan for next year is to continue improving my own small-tech stack. Maybe even go back to plan my own small-utopia that is deeply related with writting software that matters for the people.

I also plan to participate more in events, if everything goes well, the pandemic should be reaching a safe/stable place soon, allowing us to travel and see different places again.

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