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Business Class - Oh god

This month I finally went to Brazil to visit my family.

Spending time in Brazil is always a way to wake me up. This time it was due to the whole digital vs real life. After spending 4 years without going there, everything was alien to me. The people, the streets, the shops, the language.

Also, it was the first time in 1 year that I took a 10 days off. Which meant I had much more time for myself than for work. Work is something that alienates one from oneself.

We spend around 9 hours working (8 hours work + 1 hour lunch), which leaves us with so little time daily for our own thoughts (since we are suppose to sleep 8 hours). The cultural shock of going to Brazil after a while together with the lack of alienation from work made me think about life, work and everything else.

One of them: how we should be discussing more about tech (owned by the Capitalist class) taking workers rights, such as in the gig economy. We should be burning the streets against Uber, iFood, and the likes. But we accept it, either because it’s the only work we can find at the moment, or because it’s comfortable to pay little for the delivery…

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