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Random thought of the month

If you have known me long enough, you know that I constantly complain about the software model we are following. We centralise everything in a few players, which are forced to create abstractions on top of abstractions to handle the bigger problem they have now. What about having smaller players who can handle all the traffic without thousand machines? What if instead of 3 thousand engineers, a small business with 10 engineers could take all the work? What if they share the software they are building to scale out the work?

In a world where companies must grow forever, this cannot happen. The company must take over the market and be the only solution. Maybe we need a new economic system?

Personal updates

I’m officially out of my probation period. The presentation went well, and the main feedback is that I need an innovation topic for the year. So I’m starting to wrap up my mind around WebAssembly. My idea is to empower users to write runbooks in their browser using actual APIs/metrics/data and a template language, with the ability to write new functions and compile them down to WebAssembly.

I’m studying more and more Functional Programming, and I think there are some ideas which are a philosophical match with me:

  1. Simplicity to reason about computers
  2. Hardware abstraction so that you can think about the domain you are working on (tell the computer what to do and not how to do it)
  3. Composing by using functions and not objects (easier to build new features or reuse code)

My next step is to dig into Types and Programming Languages.

Project updates

This month was a bit hard at work, the deadline for the new webservice I started writing last month using Go was approaching, so I was coding like there was no tomorrow. To avoid (another) burnout, outside business hours, I spend my day playing games, cooking and gardening. So I almost don’t have updates besides some simple work on my Wiki: