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The year only starts after Carnaval

Personal Updates

This month I went to the cinema to watch the new Spider-man movie. I confess I dislike the latest reboot, and the only reason I went was to watch the first Spider-man on the big screen again. And it was good. I think there is certain darkness around Spider-man; nothing goes right in his life, and every right choice he must make means to leave something he loves behind. It feels that he is human. The 2002 movie shows that very well. In the new one, it seems like Peter is an “awesome” guy, almost a teenager Tony Stark. Anyway, I had fun, and I recommend the movie :).

At work, at the beginning of this month, I was writing a lot of Python for a DSL to fetch metrics from time-series databases. This month, I got the chance to play a bit with the Python AST, optimise the order of some instructions, and remove instructions that aren’t supported on the DSL. Probably in the future, it will make sense to use something like treesitter.

I stopped a bit my Python work to develop a new web service in Go that will be used to support some features on the Dashboard side of the project. Since I worked with DSLs and Pandas for a long time, I took some time to refresh my Distributed Systems knowledge.

Let me say something; I’m not too fond of the lack of ergonomics around Go. Not having Set by default is painful, but the lack of map/reduce or any method to help with data processing makes everything harder. In theory, Go “is simple to learn” so you can be productive right away. My take is that you can get t the max productivity of the language quickly, but that is not much compared with other languages. I even miss Java.

I’m also quite interested in LISP. The main point is the possibility of changing the software you are running without compiling or deploying it (check https://tonsky.me/blog/humble-dx/ and https://nyxt.atlas.engineer for examples). If you have known me long enough, you know I take the most complex paths to do something, so I’m reading SICP.

On other small highlights: